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  我总结了一些 外贸 业务中常用的报价 英语 ,在这里和大家分享一下!

  外贸 业务常用报价 英语 :


  This is to confirm uour telex of 6 April1997,asking us to make you firm offers for rice and soybeans C&f singapore.We telexed you this morning offering you 300 metric tons of一步polished rice at A$2,400 per metric ton ,c&f singapore,for shipment during July/August 1997.This offer is firm,subject to the receipt of your reply before 1 June 1997.Please note that we have quoted our most favourable price and are unable to entertain any counter offer.With regard to soybeans,we advise you that the few lots we have at present are under offerelsewheri.If,however,you were to make us a suitable offer,there is a possibility of our supplying them.As you know,of late,it has been a heavy demand for these commodities and this has resulted in increased prices. You may,however,take advantage of the strengthening market if you send an immediate reply.


  该报价为最优惠价,恕不能还价。本公司与客户正洽售一批大豆交易,若贵公司愿意报以适当买价,本公司乐意出售。近来该类产品需求热列,令价格上涨。请贵公司把握机会,尽早落实 定单 为盼。


  This time last year you placed an order for type BS362 12-volt sealed batteries. This is discontinued line which we had on offer at the time.We now have a similar product on offer, Type CM233.lt occurs to us that you might be interested. A de****ive leaflet is enclosed.We have a stock of 950 of Type CN233 which we are selling off at GB£28 each.We can offer a quantity discount of up to 15%, but we are prepared to give 20% discount for an offer to buy the complete stock.We are giving you this opportunity in view of your previous order.We would appreciate a prompt reply, since we will put the offer out in the event of your not being interested.





  We refer to our quotation of 4 September and our mail offer of 20 October regarding the supply of Flame cigarette lighters.We are prepared to keep our offer open until the end of this month.As this product is in great demand and the supply limited, we would recommend that you accept this offer as soon as possible.



  We are in receipt of your letter of 31 July offering us 100 metric tons of polished rice at A$1,200per metric ton on the usual terms.We regret to inform you that our buyers find your price much too high. We are informed that some lots of American origin have been sold here at a level about 30% lower than yours.We do not deny that the quality of Australian rice is slightlybetter but the difference in price should, in no case, be as large as 10%. To facilitate the transaction, we counter offer as follows, subject to your reply being received by us before 30 September 1996.100metric tons of polished rice, 1996 crop, at A$1,050 per metric ton CIF Singapore, other terms as per your letter of 31 JulyAs the market price is falling, we recommend your immediate acceptance.承蒙7月31日来函报盘100公吨精白米,以每公吨1200澳元和按一般条件交易,谨此致谢。




  Thank you for your letter of 10 October. We are surprised to hear that you consider our price for tin plate sheets too high.Much as we would like to do business with you , we regret to say that we cannot entertain your counter offer. The price we have quoted is quite realistic. We would point out that we have received substantial orders from other sources at our level.If you could improve your offer, please let us know. Sincesupplies of this product are limited at the moment, we would ask you to act quickly.We assure you that any further enquiries from you will receive our prompt attention.





  Thank you for your letter of 29 December 1995. We are disappointed to hear that our price for Flame cigarette lighters is too high for you to work on. You mention that Japanese goods are being offered to you at a price approximately 10% lower than that quoted by us .We accept what you say, but we are of the opinion that the qualityof the other makes does not measure up to that of our products.Although we are keen to do business with you, we regret that wecannot accept your counter offer or even meet you half way.The best we can do is to reduce our previous quotation by 2%. We trust that this will meet with your approval.We look forward to hearing from you.

  1995年12月29日来函收到,不胜感激。得知贵公司认为火焰牌打火机价格过高,无利可图,本公司极感遗憾。来函又提及日本同类货品报价较其低近10%。本公司认同来函的说法,然而,其他厂商的产品质量绝对不能与本公司的相提并论。虽然亟望与贵公司交易,但该还价较本公司报价相差极大,故未能接受贵公司 定单 。特此调整报价,降价2%,祈盼贵公司满意。


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